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Covering your lifestyle; safeguarding your legacy

When your achievements, wealth and status put you at a greater level of risk exposure, you need coverage and service that go beyond what a standard insurance policy can provide.


Personal risk assessment

Our approach to identifying, evaluating, and managing risk can give you a complete view of your coverage needs and a detailed plan for closing any gaps.

A higher level of service

Through a dedicated insurance specialist, we’ll help you evaluate risks through a holistic view of your wealth, assets, and possessions. Next, we’ll create a customized plan and provide you with ongoing support through proactive calls and emails.

Exceptional claims experience

If you have a claim, it will be resolved quickly and efficiently. Day or night, you’ll have access to industry-leading service and expertise.

The front of a high-value home.
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Rustic display of a red wine collection.
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Claims made easy

Your claims will be handled quickly and seamlessly with white glove service that caters to your distinct lifestyle—down to the smallest detail.

Dedicated Claims Experts are available 24 hours a day to assist you.



How to get started

At the initial consultation, you will share what is important to you, and the Private Client Insurance Specialist will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your needs.

A customized solution, designed by specialists with knowledge and expertise in protecting your unique lifestyle, wealth, and assets, will be presented and discussed with you.

Let’s plan for your success

To speak with an RBC Private Client Insurance Specialist to build the ideal solution for your needs, call 1-800-769-2517.

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